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Décennie des Nations Unies pour la Biodiversité

Les dernières girafes de l'Afrique de l'ouest

A une cinquantaine de kilomètres de Niamey au Niger, dans le région de Kouré, au coeur des formations naturelles à combretacées, vivent les dernières girafes de l'espèce pérelta de l’Afrique de l’Ouest. Ces animaux jadis victimes du braconnage suscitent aujourd'hui l'inimitié des agriculteurs et sont désorvais jalousement protégées par les villageois  

Journée internationale de la Diversité Biologique edition 2017

Le thème de cette année est la biodiversité et le tourisme durable. Conformément à l'esprit de la célébration, le Secrétariat aimerait inviter toutes les Parties à annoncer et à faire connaître les célébrations de la journée internationale de la Biodiversité ainsi qu'à mettre en lumière leurs initiatives en matière de tourisme durable.

Dernières nouvelles de la CDB

RDF feed:
  • Climate change could devastate the birthplace of the arabica coffee bean
    [released on: 22/06/2017]
    The world's most popular coffee bean, arabica, is under threat in the country where it was first found.
  • Sudanese scientist battles climate change in Africa
    [released on: 22/06/2017]
    Khartoum, Sudan - She's seen it before. The images of dry, cracked lands; dead trees; animal corpses; hungry children and lines of people waiting for food assistance are not new to her. The current drought and resulting food crisis affecting millions across the Horn of Africa are painful reminders of the importance of her work.
  • Charlottetown Duck Day will highlight urban wetland habitat
    [released on: 22/06/2017]
    Hawk and dog demonstrations, nature walks, and wood carving will all be a part of Charlottetown's first Duck Day, sponsored by Ducks Unlimited.
  • Reprieve for wild dogs facing extinction
    [released on: 22/06/2017]
    The fight for the survival of the African wild dog has been bolstered through the help of game farmers, the Endangered Wildlife Trust (EWT) and concerned community members in Limpopo. With only 5000 African wild dogs left in Africa and fewer than 500 in South Africa, the EWT successfully relocated three endangered female African wild dogs from an area of potentially high carnivore conflict in Limpopo to safety in the Waterberg region.
  • Satellite data to map endangered monkey populations on Earth
    [released on: 22/06/2017]
    A team of scientists led by the Universities of Leicester and East Anglia are leading research to protect wildlife by using satellite data to identify monkey populations that have declined through hunting.
  • Wild Carpathia: "the forest is Romanian's brother"
    [released on: 22/06/2017]
    The first-ever United Nations Summit on Oceans, which took place in New York on 5-9 June, has reached a global agreement to reverse the decline of the ocean's health, with more than 1,300 pledged actions for protecting the ocean and the adoption of a 14-point Call for Action to conserve and sustainably use oceans, seas and marine resources.
  • Environment abuse is public enemy number one
    [released on: 21/06/2017]
    Mukono Resident District Commissioner, Major David Matovu has declared people who destroying wetlands and engaged in rampant destruction of forests as public enemy number one. -
  • In the land of dawn lit mountains
    [released on: 22/06/2017]
    Often referred to as "The land of the dawn lit mountains", Arunachal Pradesh's extensive geographical diversity, climatic conditions and vibrant wildlife makes it one of the richest biodiversity and heritage spots in the country. It is the only state that can claim to have four major varieties of the big cats in its jungles -- tiger, leopard, clouded leopard and snow leopard -- as well as lesser feline species like the golden cat and marbled cat.
  • A success story in eco conservation
    [released on: 22/06/2017]
    The Kolayad grama panchayat here could not have done a better job for its biodiversity conservation and environmental protection than firm enforcement of decisions to ensure compliance.
  • Ethiopia: Reconnecting With Nature for Holistic Healing
    [released on: 22/06/2017]
    The American writer, Sidney Sheldon, the seventh-best-selling fiction author of all time, once advised his readers, "Try to leave the Earth a better place than when you arrived." These days, let alone making the earth a better place, man could not even preserve what is there when he arrives; he rather continues to deteriorating it.
  • Alien crayfish found in Chadwick Lakes, research group laments of consequences
    [released on: 22/06/2017]
    The University-based Conservation Biology Research Group has confirmed the presence of the an invasive alien fresh water species, the red swamp crayfish, at Chadwick Lakes, while warning of the implication it has for biodiversity.
  • Restoration of shattered coral reef at Raja Ampat on hold
    [released on: 22/06/2017]
    JAKARTA - The Indonesian government can't restore one of the country's best coral reefs until it strikes a compensation deal with the insurer of the cruise line that wrecked it, the deputy coordinating maritime minister said this week.
  • Great Barrier Reef: 'Godfather of Coral' urges Adani approval rethink following recent bleaching events
    [released on: 22/06/2017]
    "Somewhere between a quarter and a third of all marine species have some part of their lifecycle in a coral reef."So if we wipe out coral reefs, we are going to crash the ecologies of the oceans. It is that serious."
  • Living Planet: Cold water corals in a warming climate
    [released on: 22/06/2017]
    Much of the CO2 we emit through the burning of fossil fuels actually ends up in the ocean, making the water more acidic. Ocean acidification happens particularly fast in cold water. That spells trouble for creatures living in our northern waters - including cold water corals. How do they cope as their environment becomes warmer and more acidic?
  • New marine protected area designated in Costa Rica
    [released on: 22/06/2017]
    International days, such as World Oceans Day earlier this month, are vitally important for raising awareness of topics such as marine biodiversity. But in Costa Rica this year, not only was awareness raised but a key action was taken -the government announced the designation of the Área Marina de Manejo Cabo Blanco (Cabo Blanco Marine Management Area), as a new 831 km2 marine protected area (MPA).
  • Critical gaps in our knowledge of where infectious diseases occur
    [released on: 22/06/2017]
    Today Scientists have called for action. The scientific journal Nature ecology & evolution have published a joint statement from scientists at Center for Macroecology, Evolution and Climate, University of Copenhagen and North Carolina State University.
  • The world needs wildlife tourism. But that won't work without wildlife
    [released on: 22/06/2017]
    Wildlife-based tourism is growing rapidly worldwide as the number of tourists continues to grow and as we, as travellers, seek out new and more enriching personal experiences with local cultures and wildlife.

Meetings and events Syndication (XML)

  • Naaya Event 2016 Business and Biodiversity Forum

    Selon le rapport 2016 du Forum économique mondial sur les risques liés à la biodiversité,  la perte de biodiversité et de l'effondrement des écosystèmes sont parmi. Les 10 risques majeurs rencontrés par le secteur privé, en termes de leur impact potentiel. A la lumière d'un tel effondrement systémique il est possible, et dans le meilleur intérêt des entreprises, du gouvernement, de prendre en compte la valeur des services éco systémiques et la biodiversité dans les systèmes productifs. L'intégration de la biodiversité dans la planification et l'exploitation des secteurs productifs implique l'intégration de la conservation et l'utilisation durable de la biodiversité dans les plans d'affaires, au-delà des stratégies de responsabilité sociale des entreprises. Cette approche novatrice sera abordée à 2016 Forum d'Affaires et Biodiversité (B & BF 2016), qui aura lieu en parallèle au segment ministériel de haut niveau de la 13e Conférence des Parties à la Convention sur la diversité biologique (COP13-CBD) des Nations Unies.

  • Naaya Event 3 Aout : Fête Nationale de l'Arbre au Niger

    Le 03 août, date anniversaire de l'indépendance de notre pays, est aussi consacré Fête Nationale de l'Arbre. Nous sommes donc à la 41ème édition de cet évènement de portée nationale. En effet, outre la cérémonie officielle de lancement organisée dans une région sous le patronage des plus hautes autorités nationales, la plantation d'arbres a lieu simultanément dans toutes les autres régions qui n'abritent pas la cérémonie officielle ; les plantations vont se poursuivre pendant au moins une semaine.

    04/08/2016, Niamey
  • Naaya Event Journée Mondiale de Lutte Contre la Désertification

    C'est une journée organisée chaque année pour sensibiliser la population sur les problématiques liées à la gestion de l'environnement. Elle a lieu le 17 de chaque mois de Juin

    17/06/2013, Niamey, Niger
  • Naaya Event Célébration de la journée internationale sur la diversité biologique

    A l'occasion de la journée internationale de la diversité biologique, le secrétariat exécutif du CNEDD à travers sa commission sur la diversité biologique et en rapport avec le Ministère de l'Environnement et du Développement Durable organise un atelier de sensibilidation sur le thème choisi cette année : intégrer  la biodiversité  - Préserver les personnes et leurs moyens d'existence , le 22 mai 2016 dans les locaux du secrétariat exécutif du CNEDD sis au cabinet du Premier Minitre.

    22/05/2016, Secrétariat exécutif du CNEDD